Softer, smoother, more radiant skin is just a few drops away with MAXIM CARE EMU OIL SKIN THERAPY

A major factor in skin condition is the loss of moisture which allows “aging.” Collagen is a vital part of healthy skin and a key ingredient in Maxim Care’s high performance skin therapy products.

Collagen is found in connective tissues where it functions as a natural structure. It is primarily responsible for the physical resistance and elasticity of skin. Additionally, collagen has an excellent water retention capacity keeping the skin moist, soft and supple. As early as age 25, our skin begins to decline in its ability to retain moisture. The result is a decrease in moisturization and elasticity which leads to increased wrinkiling of the skin.
Cosmetic scientists have researched for years to discover ways to combat the effects of aging and restoring the properties of collagen found in young skin.  The solution generally agreed upon is the application of natural collagen directly to the skin.  Formulated in high performance skin care products, collagen has shown distinct improvements in skin topography.  Collagen stimulates the formation of new collagen fibrils, leading to skin regeneration. At the same time elasticity is improved and moisture content is increased. After use, marked enhancement is found in the skin’s moisture retention, smoothness and elasticity.  The visible sign of performance is the notable diminution of wrinkles.
Our customers have found that the daily use of our Maxim Care Emu Oil Skin Therapy products have made a noticeable difference in the look and feel of their skin.